How to Build a Great Video Streaming App for TV and Cut the Cords?

Video Streaming App for TV
Video Streaming App for TV
Demand for high-quality content is growing, and people are choosing video streaming services instead of paying for cable TV. Ever since YouTube, video streaming has gained epic levels of popularity. TV broadcasting is losing ground to video streaming, and here's why.
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Why Is Video Streaming
More Popular than Cable TV?
Video Streaming App for TV
People want to watch high-quality videos that match their interest. When it comes to television, programs air at a fixed time restricting viewers and leaving them without choice. Viewers cannot choose what program they want to watch when there is some free time. Conversely, viewers have to watch anything on the air. That's why the number of people dropping pay TV is growing.

To fit their schedules and interests, people opt for video streaming apps to fill their need for video entertainment. They can use it on a variety of handheld devices, but still, any smartphone cannot beat large smart screens.

Streamed video content is available at any time people want to watch it. This allows users to watch movies or shows at a time that suits them but not a TV broadcasting company. Moreover, people can watch their favorite shows or series even on the go when using apps suitable for both smart TVs and mobile devices.

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Best Video Streaming Apps Compared
You've probably heard of Amazon Video, Netflix, and Hulu. These are a few brightest examples of video streaming services. Let's have a closer look and consider their pros and cons.

Netflix is the most popular video streaming service. It offers a wide selection of TV shows, movies, series, comedy specials, and original Netflix series as well. Viewers can enjoy Netflix via monthly subscription.
  • Rich collection of video content
  • Optimized interface
  • Mobile-friendly app
  • Stable performance
  • High price
  • Limited brand new content
  • Title bugs

Hulu is used for streaming the latest TV shows. While subscribed, the users get access to the most popular shows and a number of сable shows. All the shows are uploaded to Hulu the day after they air. The viewers also get access to both past and current seasons.

Hulu has the widest selection of movies as well as anime series. Though Hulu isn't a free video streaming service, it has commercials that the viewers have to sit through before a show starts. But the users can upgrade their subscription and enjoy ads-free video streaming.

One of Hulu's advantages is that it gets major network shows and movies more quickly than Netflix or Amazon.
  • Great collection of the latest TV shows and movies
  • Decent price
  • Stable performance
  • Recurring commercials
  • Some of the older TV shows are missing
  • Cumbrous interface
Amazon Video
Amazon Video

With Amazon Video, viewers can enjoy thousands of various movies and TV shows. Thanks to a deal with Viacom that MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central, the users have a nice choice of comedies and movies. Amazon's Prime Video also has a wide of HBO's classics.
  • Wide selection of video content
  • Amazon Prime benefits
  • Great original shows
  • Paid content
  • Doesn't support some platform
  • Poor collection of brand-new videos
TV streaming services are still evolving now. If you want to top the market of TV streaming apps, it's high time to jump onto the bandwagon and develop your own TV streaming app. Still, have no idea of how to use live streaming to boost up your business? Check out our latest article.
Must-Have Features to Win Over Users
To convince viewers to install and use a video streaming service, they need basic features to take the most out of the app. Here are a few features:
Registration is one of the main features that any app should have. Users can register via social accounts, emails or telephone numbers.
The home screen is the "heart" of your video streaming app. It's a place where users can find all the content they're watching or have watched as well as recommendations.
Users like searching for the genres they're interested in. Filters ease the search and sorting content. For example, watchers can filter by movie genre: comedy and drama, news, crime, etc.
Personal profiles
Users should have the ability to create personal profiles and manage their personal data, emails, telephone numbers, and passwords. Moreover, users should be able to manage their payment options as well.
The app should provide as many payment options as possible including credit and debit cards, special-use card, prepaid cards, etc.
Social sharing
Sometimes users get excited about the content they watch and want to share it with their friends. Thus one-click social media sharing may be much appreciated by users.
Ready? Steady? Go and Develop Your Own App!
Users are shifting from one online streaming service to another to choose one that fits their needs best. Though the video streaming market has a few choices that offer 24/7 access to video content, over the half of video streaming is now accessed through online streaming services.

Video streaming apps have enormous potential since they offer unmatched convenience and full control over what to watch and when to watch. At IDAP, we've developed several video streaming services, check
our portfolio for more detailed information. Have questions? Drop us a line and get all the answers.

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