How to Find and Hire iOS App Developers in Ukraine

Why US Startups Outsource Software Development to Ukraine
Why US Startups Outsource Software Development to Ukraine
Skilled software engineers are like genuine diamonds. They're hard to find and too expensive to hire especially when you need to build an app for your business. Also, they are sometimes cursed. Then outsourcing comes into play. It seems to be a lucrative option for any short-term development needs.

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There're many development destinations all over the world - the US, the UK, Germany, Slovenia, the Republic of Belarus, Ukraine, India, etc. Thanks to the unmatched power of the Internet, you can go far beyond your country to find and hire developers. Wait. Where does one even start looking for developers?

Eastern Europe is a good place to scout out iOS and Android app developers. As a rule, you won't face any difficulties associated with time lags or lack of control. However, Ukraine is a veritable hotspot when it comes to iOS development. Today we're going to discuss the iOS app development outsourcing in Ukraine.
Pros of Outsourcing App Developers
Working with an offshore development team from Ukraine may be the most cost-effective and affordable solution. As a rule, it's much cheaper to develop an app in Ukraine than to develop it in-house, for instance, somewhere in the U.S. The main reasons for that are different living standards, but not the quality.
No HR Stuff
You don't need to hire and manage developers. An outsourcing agency will do everything for you. Instead of investing both time and financial resources in finding and hiring professionals, you can focus on the core business needs.
Wider Choice of Developers
While outsourcing, you aren't limited to one country. Thanks to the Internet and modern collaboration tools, the world is your oyster. You can hire developers from all over the world - be it Germany, Poland, Ukraine, or India.
Full Control
If you hire the right developers, you'll get full control of the development process as well as transparency. For example, we provide access to a wide range of tracking tools such as Jira, Harvest, RedMine, etc.
Cons of Outsourcing App Developers
Data Privacy
It's your top responsibility to protect your app idea. And while outsourcing, there are much higher risks associated with jeopardizing the data privacy. Mainly, it's a problem when you are hiring freelancers, but not an outsourcing company.

At IDAP, we go above and beyond to secure your data. Before assigning a project, we'll sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) to minimize the risks of data leak.
Time-Zone Differences
There can be an instance when your team and you work under different time zones. Such time differences may cause a wide range of problems such as communication gaps, blowing deadlines, etc.

While outsourcing in Ukraine, there are high chances that working hours (or at least some of them) of your company and your outsourcing partner will fall in the same time interval.
Language Barrier
One of the offshore clients' concerns is a language barrier. But again - companies that provide upscale outsourcing services speak English fluently. You don't have to worry about any misunderstandings caused by poor English.
How Much Does iOS App Development
Cost in Ukraine?
How much does app outsourcing cost? Below you can find average hourly rates for iOS development services collected by location. Note, these figures are ballpark.
Hourly Rate, Avg.
North America
$120 - $150
The United Kingdom
$100 - $85
South America
$65 - $50
$110 - $100
Eastern Europe
$40 - $35
$25 - $20
Depending on the app type, the cost to build a mobile app may range from $25k to ad infinitum. If you take complexity and scope into account primarily, think of $20k to $50k for a simple app. And a complex app with multiple features would cost around $100k-$150k. But these are general figures. Only after a thorough estimate, you can get the real costs required to build your app.

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Where to Find iOS Developers in Ukraine?
Skilled developers are hard to come by. As a rule, they are overloaded with different long-term projects. These developers are in high demand and receive myriads of job offers almost every day. With that said, you have to raise interest in the project.
Where to Find iOS Developers in Ukraine?
Here are a few places where you can find and hire app developers in Ukraine:
Clutch to find an outsourcing app development company

Upwork or Fiverr to hire freelancers for the project
Conferences to and hackathons to meet developers in person
Development schools to find gifted junior developers
You can find more information on how to hire app developers in How to Find Best App Developers.
IDAP is Your Reliable Outsourcing Partner
for iOS App Development
At IDAP, we have dedicated teams of iOS developers, UX/UI designers, project managers, and QA engineers to build a top-notch app from square one.

Have you got no idea of how a mobile or web idea of how a mobile or web app can satisfy your business needs? Send us your requirements or descriptions of your business problems, and we'll deliver a smart software solution for your business needs.
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